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This post reminded me a lot of a passage I read in "Women Who Run With the Wolves" which I have read recently:

"'How old are you?' people sometimes ask me. 'I am seventeen battle scars old,' I say. Usually people don't flinch, and rather happily begin to count up their own battle scar ages accordingly."

Thank you for the post and the effort that went into writing it :)

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Thank you for reading each piece. Menas the world and ignites my soul to non-comprehended levels. Thank you so much for sharing this. Stay Happy on those battles! =)

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Hey Alex,

Thank you so much for making me realise what I am and how far I have come... actually speaking I'm not actually embracing that scars until now...but after this I would love to do that...this is so touching and relatable. Virtuals hugs my friend 🫂

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