This reminded me of several wonderful conversations between me and my husband about the importance of having a healthy relationship with yourself. We also frequently discuss the importance of solitude, being alone with yourself, and the need to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

So much of our lives we run from discomfort when it’s the perfect indicator for where we are in relation to where we want to be!

Today, I am very uncomfortable and I have several thoughts as to why. But the truth is I’m learning to pay attention to the deep need I carry inside. There are so many desires to live in a way that creates a healthy space for others to grow and heal, but that environment cannot be developed without me doing it for myself first.

These are the thoughts your story triggered in me.

I don’t really feel lonely, however, I do not feel content either. Deciding what is the absolute best use of my time when I have nothing pressing on me for my attention is the issue.

These are the questions I continue to ask:

What do I want to do today?

What needs done today?

What’s the most important thing I could do today?

God, What do you say needs done today?

God, What are you doing and how can I participate?

Sometimes I get a strong impression or urge after these questions and other times not. But I am growing in my ability to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. And I do greatly value my alone time.

Just my thoughts after reading 😇

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Those are pure gems of reflection. I´m so glad you took the time to distill all these thoughts. Thanks for sharing. It helps a lot, and also, feel free to see this space as a home for ideas to be safe.

Pray for better,


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